Shamans and Energy Medicine People of all ages believe that when we shift our luminous energy field, we change - and then we change the world around us.

We dream the World into being

Are you feeling lately out of touch with yourself and or the world around you? Are you looking for a new path and new way of experiencing and looking at yourself and your environment? Are you ready to try something new but very old?

The Change starts within us and within our luminous energy field. Ancient Energy Medicine Techniques like Illumination, as well as Extractions and Soul Retrievals will clear out old imprints, old bonds and sludge in our field and allow for our new self to unfold.

Sabine Lang

Sabine Lang

Sabine has been practicing energy medicine for more than a decade and has incorporated the ancient practices in her daily life and business practices.

She is a registered energy medicine practitioner through the Four Winds Society which was created by Alberto Villoldo.

Phone: 803-474-2137